9 WordPress Themes for Lawyers and Law Firm Websites

More and more lawyers and law firms are turning to WordPress for building a website and/or firm blog.

This makes sense because WordPress is one of the best website building platforms available.  The best part is it’s easy for anyone to manage and maintain the site.

Therefore, even if you’re not into learning how to build a WordPress website (there are plenty of skilled people who can build you a WP website relatively inexpensively), it’s a good idea to at the very least learn how to operate the blog.

By learning to operate the blog on a lawyer website, the firm’s lawyers can contribute blog content regularly to create a dynamic law firm website.

The WordPress themes I recommend for lawyer websites are mostly from my 2 favorite WordPress theme developers:

The reason the bulk of my theme recommendations are from StudioPress and ElegantThemes is twofold:

  1. They’re my 2 favorite WordPress theme developers
  2. I’m most familiar with them and am comfortable recommending their themes.

In fact, my theme recommendations for law firm websites will be in that exact order … first, themes from StudioPress … second, themes by ElegantThemes.  I’ll end my theme recommendations with some good-looking themes for lawyers from other theme developers.

If you want help setting up a website with either StudioPress or ElegantThemes, check out my video tutorials on building websites from these theme developers:

A.  StudioPress Themes Ideal for Lawyer Websites

1.  Associate Theme

Click Here for an Associate Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Associate Theme Demo<<

I love the Associate theme.  It looks great, offers 4 color schemes and has a great looking home page.  Read my full Associate theme review here.

2.  Enterprise Theme

Click Here for the Enterprise Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Enterprise Theme Demo<<

Enterprise is the business theme I use the most for my offline business websites.  I’m using it for a few lawyer clients and it works very well for them.  Read my full Enterprise theme review here.

3.  Venture Theme

Click Here for the Venture Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Venture Theme Demo<<

Venture theme is a little less serious looking than both Associate and Enterprise theme.  However, it’s a classic business design that would work well with any law firm website.

4.  Metric Theme

Click Here for the Metric Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Metric Theme Demo<<

Metric isn’t a theme I’ve used too often simply because I prefer Associate and Enterprise themes.  However, it’s a nice design and is formatted perfectly for a law firm website.

B.  ElegantThemes Ideal for Law Firm Websites

5.  The Professional Theme

Click Here for the Professional Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Professional Theme Demo<<

How can I leave a theme called “The Professional” off this list?  Besides, it’s ideal for attorney websites.  It’s fairly crisp and sharp, but presents well.

6.  Deep Focus Theme

Click Here for the Deep Focus Demo

>>Click here for the Deep Focus Theme Demo<<

Deep Focus is my favorite business WordPress theme.  It’s stunning and a classic business website style.

7.  InStyle Theme

Click Here for an InStyle Theme Demo

>>Click here for the InStyle Theme Demo<<

This theme isn’t for every attorney.  However, it certaily has flair and style and I think could be a really stylish website for some attorneys.

C.  Other WordPress Themes for Attorneys

8.  Karma Theme

>>Click Here for the Karma Theme Demo<<

Karma theme is stunning and absolutely loaded with features such as 20 page layouts, 20 color schemes, built-in pricing tables, contact form builder, logo builder plus much, much more.

9.  Private Lawyer by Templatic

Click Here for the Private Lawyer Theme Demo

>>Click here for the Private Lawyer Theme Demo<<

This is a theme designed specifically for lawyer websites.  It’s fairly traditional, which is good.  It’s not my favorite in design, but then choosing a theme is a personal preference.  I included this theme because Templatic themes are high quality as well.

Tips for Choosing a theme for your firm site

1.  Aim to serve prospective clients

Choose a theme for your prospective clients over your personal taste.  If your clients are more traditional or are from a particular demographic, choose a design that serves them.  If your clients don’t hail from any particular demographic, go with a conservative design.  If you go with something too flashy that is better suited for a celebrity website or similar, you may turn off visitors.

2.  Test a few designs

If you like StudioPress themes, get the Pro Plus Package so you that you can test several designs.  I took testing to a different level by joining several theme developers and tested many themes across a few theme developers.  For me, StudioPress themes converted the best so I’ve largely stuck with them for many sites.  ET themes also converted well … hence it’s also a favorite of mine.

3.  Learn to add content

It takes about an hour or two to learn how to add blog posts to WordPress themes.  This skill is invaluable to your firm business because you can add content whenever you like instead of relying on a third party.  Alternatively, have a staff member learn how to add content so they can do it for you.

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Great post. Keep up the good job.

John D
John D

Great collection of themes, thanks for taking the time to find and share them with us. I was recently looking for a law theme for a client and your post was very helpful. You should also consider adding this theme to the list: http://www.lawyerwordpressthemes.com

Shannon Hernandez
Shannon Hernandez

Thank you for posting these themes. I'm currently in the process of helping a friend of mine "redo" her firm's website wanted some great looking themes to complement what she is doing professionally. There are great help. Thanks again!