13 Exciting Salon WordPress Themes for Creating the Perfect Salon Website

A salon business needs a website as much as any business.

However, a salon can use their website as a revenue generator more directly than many other businesses by integrating online appointment booking and payment.

There are WordPress themes that make it easy to have clients book appointments directly on the website (they’re the first 2 Salon WordPress themes listed below).

But, you don’t have to use an appointment-booking theme in order to have this functionality.  You can integrate your WordPress theme with many calendar/booking salon software applications.  Therefore, be sure to check with your salon software provider about how to integrate the scheduling and booking features in a WordPress site.  Generally, WordPress integrates well with most third party software applications.

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Choosing a salon website design

Salon websites vary tremendously in design.  There isn’t a one-style-fits-all for a salon website.  Design styles can be light, colorful, edgy, loud, tranquil, all-business, exciting … you name it.  This flexibility is excellent.  However, you want your website design to reflect your salon’s environment.

I’d like to kick start your salon website design process by suggesting the following Salon WordPress themes.  Some are designed specifically for salons while others are more generic that I believe would work well for a salon.  As stated above, the first 2 theme designs are actually appointment-booking themes.

WordPress Themes for a Salon Business Website

1.  Appointment Theme


>Click Here for the Appointment Theme Demo<

Of the 2 appointment-booking themes, I like the Appointment theme the best.  It’s simple, professional and works for any appointment-centric business.

2.  Spa Salon Theme

>Click Here for the Spa Salon Theme Demo<

It’s easy to miss the appointment booking feature … it’s the brown box on the left.  This theme is functional, but not the prettiest (in my view).

3.  Deep Focus Theme

>Click Here for the Deep Focus Theme Demo<

I absolutely love the Deep Focus theme.  It includes a portfolio feature so you can show off your salon work.  The overall design and feel is tranquil … which makes for a perfect salon website.

4.  Rejuvinate Theme

>Click Here for the Rejuvinate Theme Demo<

I think the name says it all.  This theme works very well for salons and spas equally.

5.  InStyle Theme

>Click Here for the Instyle Theme Demo<

Change the background with the InStyle theme with a professional photograph of your salon.  It’s a striking effect perfect for any salon website.

6.  Limon Theme

>Click Here for the Limon Theme Demo<

Limon theme is a straight-up traditionally laid out theme designed with salons and spas in mind.  It’s subdued and if that’s the look you want, this theme works well.

7.  Sedona Day Spa Theme

>Click Here for the Sedona Day Spa Theme Demo<

Sedona Day Spa theme offers a striking full-width design that makes it easy for you to show off your salon interior with images.

8.  Lifestyle Theme

>Click Here for the Lifestyle Theme Demo<

Lifestyle theme is for the salon owner that wants to create a busy and exciting website.  Lifestyle is a magazine style theme that is organized so that you can display a lot of content in a well-organized manner.

9.  Crystal Theme

>Click Here for the Crystal Theme Demo<

Crystal theme is a portfolio theme that gives you the opportunity to highlight client stories using the portfolio layout.

10.  Enterprise Theme

>Click Here for the Enterprise Theme Demo<

Enterprise theme is one of my favorite business themes.  It’s sleek, stylish and professional.  If you wish to give off a professional air, Enterprise is for you.

11.  Karma Theme

>Click Here for the Karma Theme Demo<

Karma is an incredibly feature-rich theme that offers multiple color schemes and layouts.  It’s one of the best-selling themes of all time and for good reason – it’s a highly adaptable theme for pretty much any business.

12.  Manhattan Theme

>Click here for a Manhattan Theme Demo<

I included Manhattan theme, which is typically a photography-oriented theme, because it offers great portfolio features where you can showcase your salon’s work.

13.  Nimble Theme

>Click Here for the Nimble Theme Demo<

You can customize the image on the home page.  What I like about this theme is it’s BOLD.  You can make a bold first impression for visitors.  The graphics and design are beautiful.

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One website function many salons ignore

I think it’s a shame salons fail to include a portfolio or gallery of their work (i.e. hair cuts, coloring and nail work).  I realize there’s an expense involved with hiring a photographer and getting the “okay” from clients; however, even 3 to 5 examples can really dress up a salon website.  It can be an incredible selling tool.

Another function salon websites fail to include is self-booking for clients.  Why not offer clients the option to book their own appointments?  This saves you and your staff time booking the appointment while providing enhanced customer service.  Moreover, clients can book any time … not just during your business hours.

Websites are an opportunity to not only sell services, but to inform and provide service.

WordPress makes these features possible.  I love WordPress for business sites (hence this website which is largely dedicated to small business owners looking for an inexpensive website solution that creates stunning and highly functional sites).

If you have any suggestions for other salon WordPress themes, please let me know.  I’ll consider all suggestions for inclusion in this list.

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