Premise Plugin Review Reveals Major Advantages to this WordPress Landing Page Option (Plus My Criticisms)

When it comes to landing pages, you have a lot of choices.

Whether you want a sales page, e-mail opt in page (i.e. squeeze page) or video landing page, there are many solutions.  The hard part is figuring out which one to go with.

Premise plugin is an option.  It’s a landing page creator I use sometimes.  Not all the time, but sometimes.

Premise Review In a Nutshell

Premise is the best option when:

  • You want a landing page as part of your overall website and you’re using a particular theme.  In other words, if you have an existing website and don’t want to change themes, Premise, because it’s a plugin, enables you to create landing pages as part of your site.
  • You want to create powerful SEO content pages that have no distracting links to other pages on your website.
  • You want to be able to radically change styles across your landing pages.  There’s a dedicated drag and drop styling menu for creating unlimited styles (font, color, background, etc.).
  • You want a price comparison table on your landing page (this is a great feature … although you can use ElegantThemes Shortcodes plugin with a landing page theme … I do this as well).

What’s the difference?

Part of your site means your landing pages are stored in a sub-directory of your website.  The URL is

If you want to create landing pages with a dedicated theme, such as Get Profits, you need to install the theme either on a separate domain or on a subdomain (I create subdomains quite a bit.  You can see an example of a squeeze page on a subdomain here).

Are there advantages to a landing page as part of a website or on a separate WP installation?

Yes, there are reasons for both types of set ups.  I use both set ups.  I use Premise and dedicated landing page themes on separate WP installations.

Advantage of a Premise landing page on the same website

If you’re using Premise to create content-rich landing pages that will attract backlinks, it’s good to have those pages as part of your site so your site benefits from the backlinks.  This is the main advantage to using Premise.

Advantages of a dedicated landing page theme on a separate WP installation

If you’re creating multiple landing pages with similar content for testing purposes, I find it’s best to use a subdomain to avoid any duplicate content penalties by the search engines to your main site.

I realize with Premise you can choose to No-Index any particular page to avoid duplicate penalties … but it’s an extra step I prefer to avoid unless I really want my main site to benefit from the backlinks.

Now that you know when to use a landing page creator plugin such as Premise, let’s examine exactly how Premise works and the features you get.

The best way to show you many of Premise’s features is via video.

My Premise Video Review

Click here to learn more about Premise

Premise’s Best Features

1.  Several landing page styles

  • Content
  • Sales
  • E-mail optin (choose location of the e-mail optin box)
  • Video
  • Price comparison landing page
  • Thank You
  • Membership Pages / Websites
  • Social Sharing Pages

2.  Create different styles for different landing pages

One huge advantage to Premise is how you can create different styles/designs for different landing pages.  Pretty much every style element can be customized for any particular landing page.

3.  Create membership portal

With Premise you can create a membership website.  I don’t publish a membership website so I’m not terribly familiar with this feature.  I looked into it and basically you insert shortcodes to a particular landing page to trigger it as a membership (private) page.

4.  Build landing pages as part of your main site

This is the number one advantage of Premise.  Because it’s a plugin instead of a theme, you can create landing pages as part of your site instead of on a separate WP installation.  Moreover, you can choose to make a Premise landing page your home page.

How do you select a Premise landing page your home page?

Simple.  In your WP admin, go to Settings -> Reading – >Click “Front Page” -> Choose your landing page as the front page.  Voila, you’re done.

5.  Use different headers for different landing pages

For each landing page you create, you can upload a different header.  This can be an excellent feature if you want different headers on different pages.  This way you can further customize your message using your header as part of the message.

 6.  Split test landing pages

Premise includes an A/B split testing feature that you can integrate with Google Optimizer.  This is great for figuring out which landing converts the best.  It takes a little bit to set up, but it’s pretty simple.

7.  Good Support

Premise plugin is developed by Copyblogger Media (the folks behind and StudioPress Themes).  They know website publishing and WordPress development.

They’re support is excellent via support tickets.  I’ve submitted a few support requests and received detailed responses fairly quickly.

My Premise Criticisms

  • Frankly, I like the look of Get Profits theme squeeze pages more.  I use Premise for longer content pages and some sales pages.  I’m also using WP Lead Rocket for squeeze pages, which is generating excellent optin conversion rates (better than Premise).
  • I don’t like the optin boxes with Premise that much. I have to spend a fair amount of time customizing the design to make them look decent.

But, when I need a simple, distraction-free landing page within my main site, I turn to Premise.  It’s a tool I don’t regret having in my arsenal because it comes in handy often.

Click here to learn more about Premise Landing Page Plugin.


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