10 Personal Trainer WordPress Themes that Inspire Getting Fit

Personal trainers NEED a great website.  They also need to target their website to their target audience, which is usually locally.

Although a website’s design can’t help in the SEO department, it can help tremendously with converting visitors to clients.

Fortunately, the website for personal trainers need not be complex.  It’s primary goal is to get visitors to call the trainer or fill in a contact form.  That’s it.  In order for a website to succeed in doing this, it must:

  • Look great
  • Contain information that resonates with targeted visitors (i.e. you provide the type of training targeted visitors want)
  • Easy to navigate for finding desired information
  • Dead-simple for visitors to contact the trainer via the site.

It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of WordPress.  This is no exception for personal trainer websites.  In fact, WordPress is ideal.  The only real difficulty is choosing the perfect design (WordPress theme) for your personal trainer site.

Let me help.  Below is a list of several WordPress themes I believe would work really well for a personal trainer website.  Given the diversity in designs, clearly there’s not a singular style or design for all trainers.  It boils down to personal choice and choosing a design that resonates with your target clientele.

 12 Themes Perfect for Personal Trainer and Fitness-Oriented Websites

1.  FitPro

Click here for a FitPro theme demo

FitPro is a WordPress theme designed specifically for trainers.  It’s a must-check option for any fitness professional website.

2.  FitX Theme

Click here for a FitX theme demo

Here’s what I love about WordPress.  It’s so popular that there are designs being created for almost every conceivable type of website.  Trainer websites are no exception.  FitX is a dynamic theme designed specifically for trainers.

3.  Fit – Fitness Theme

Click here to view a demo of the Fit theme

It’s not hard to see why I chose the “Fitness Theme” as a selection.  It’s vibrant and designed for fitness-oriented businesses.

4.  Balance – Gym Fitness Theme

Click here to view a Balance theme demo

This is a stunning theme.  It has a true athletic feel to it.

5.  GymBase theme

Click here for a GymBase theme demo

GymBase is designed specifically for fitness centers, but it could certainly be used for trainers.  I like the huge, screen-wide images.  You could, with the right images, create a truly stunning site very easily relying on images.

6.  The Source Theme

Click here to view a demo of The Source theme

This is a stylish, yet darker theme perfect for weight training oriented trainers.  It’s not designed specifically for trainers, but can easily be adapted for trainers.

7.  Deep Focus Theme

Click here to view a demo of Deep Focus theme

I love the serenity of Deep Focus.  With the right images it can easily work for any fitness business website.  Don’t let the fact it’s not specifically designed for a trainer or fitness business website fool you.  This theme, with the right images will do the job nicely.  The attention to detail is second-to-none.

8.  Lifestyle Theme

Click here to view a demo of the Lifestyle theme

Lifestyle theme is a magazine style website that can create a dynamic and content-rich fitness website.  With a widget-zone home page, you can easily insert contact forms at the top of the home page.

9.  Karma Theme

Click here for the Karma Theme demo

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Karma.  It’s not specifically designed for trainers, but it’s designed for business.  It has an incredible 3D slide show feature that’s just awesome.  It’s one of the best-selling themes on the planet … for good reason.  Absolutely loaded with features.

10.  Fitness Theme

Click Here for the Fitness Theme

Is WordPress the best option for a personal trainer website?

In my opinion it is unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on a custom site design.

The above themes cost less than $100.  Throw in hosting for $5 per month and you’re set up with a website for under $200 for an entire year.  Plus the site looks great.

Also, once you know how to add content and run your own WordPress site, you have total and immediate control.  You can publish updates and new content when you want.  Agility and speed can make all the difference with your online marketing.

Moreover, all of the above themes include a built-in blog (WordPress is fundamentally blogging software that’s been adapted by theme developers to create incredible static websites with blogs included).  This way you can easily publish articles, images, videos and audio files quickly and easily.

Don’t forget to …

Pay some attention to optimizing your site properly for the search engines.  WordPress is excellent for this, but you have to take a few steps … primarily targeting your keywords properly and inputting your meta SEO data properly.  It never hurts your personal trainer business to show up on the first page of Google search results for local personal trainer searches in the search engines.

I hope the above list helps you choose the right WordPress theme for your personal trainer website.

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Looking for a theme for my personal trainer website, will check out these. Thanks great resource!