My OMG Machines Review Reveals $9,339.69 In Profit in 3 Months [Screenshots and Video Provided]

Affiliate Earnings from OMG MachinesOMG Machines stands for One Man Gang Machines and is a course taught by Mike Long and Greg Morrison.  I’m largely a one man gang operation, but that’s not what attracted me to buying OMG Machines.

The reason I signed up for and decided to buy OMG Machines on December 14, 2012 is I was really interested in learning a few tips for ranking local business websites for my local affiliate marketing business.  One of the guys teaching the course ranks local business sites like it’s going out of style.

Since local affiliate marketing is a significant part of my business, I wanted to see what he was doing.  I had been successfully ranking local business websites and other sites for a few years, but I’m always game to learn more, especially if the information will help me rank faster with less work.

I also applied the search engine ranking techniques taught to a few regular affiliate promotions (i.e. a few product reviews).

What does One Man Gang Machines teach?

It teaches how to rank affiliate microsites, local business websites and Squidoo lenses.  I don’t care about Squidoo lenses, but I’m always interested to learn more about ranking affiliate microsites and local business websites in the search engines.

What’s key here is that the course teaches how to rank small, focused sites.  This is important because you can set these sites up fast and rank them fast for quick earning potential.

Kick off this OMG Machines Review Revealing Real Results

I wouldn’t publish this OMG Machines review if I didn’t get decent results.  Over the last 3 months I’ve used (and continue to use) the SEO strategies taught for local business websites and many of my product reviews.  After 3 months of using the OMG Machines SEO strategies, I’ve earned more than $9,339.69 in profit (screenshots below).

Please note that some of those profits were from reviews that I published on established sites.  Other profits were from new sites.  I had an advantage publishing reviews on established sites because it’s easier ranking new posts on established sites … nevertheless the techniques I learned helped improve rankings.

My earnings using some of the techniques taught in OMG Machines (I applied these techniques to a select few merchants I promote):

Merchant #1


Merchant #2 Earnings December 14 to February 28, 2013



Merchant #3 Earnings December 14, 2012 through March 5, 2013


Merchant #4 – One local affiliate marketing client (local business)

$2,400 (5 sales from NEW websites using the OMG Machines method – I had many other sales during this 3 month period, but those sales were generated from non-OMG methods in place already).

I’ve built 3 local affiliate marketing websites using the method taught.  Since those 3 have already generated decent profits, I have 5 more sites being developed.  I anticipate my local affiliate marketing earnings using the OMG program to greatly exceed my traditional affiliate earnings.

TOTAL EARNINGS Using OMG Machines:  $9,339.69 in 3 months (Dec. 14/12 to March 6/13)


  • These earnings are from only a few campaigns on which I deployed the OMG Machines methods to improve search engine rankings.
  • I did not spend any money on traffic to generate the above commissions.  All traffic was from the organic search engines as a result of rankings.
  • I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for several years successfully so I got started with OMG with a very strong understanding of how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

OMG Machines Course Details

There are several modules.  I decided to upgrade from the free membership to the shortcut version for a one-time payment.  There are even more upgrades such as done-for-you websites, but the shortcut version taught me all I needed to know.

My OMG Machines Video Review – Behind the Scenes look at what you get (paid version)

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Techniques taught

In a nutshell, the program teaches you how to build and rank small, but profitable websites.  It also has a comprehensive Squidoo Lens component (which I don’t care about).  The videos step your through setting up WordPress websites, on-site SEO, and step-by-step off-site SEO methods, including timeline, link sources, website structure, content details … everything you need in order to rank for targeted keywords at the top of the search engines.

The course can be used for both local business websites, which you can lease, use Adsense on, sell and/or use to earn referral commissions from local businesses (my model).  The course also teaches how to build and rank profitable affiliate microsites.

The shortcut version (paid version) includes the following:

All content is delivered via detailed videos.

Traditional mini affiliate websites:

  • Niche selection for traditional affiliate marketing
  • Keyword selection
  • Building affiliate mini-sites
  • Articles and backlinking
  • Turning visitors into customers (conversion with affiliate sites)

Building and ranking local business websites:

  • Separate 16 video course (included with the above)
  • Over-the-shoulder real-life video series of a real site being built and ranked with timeline and backlink sources revealed (this module is truly remarkable and is the reason I upgraded to the shortcut membership).
  • Keyword selection
  • Building local business websites including what type of content, how much content and site structure.
  • Ranking in the search engines including backlink sources (how many, what type and where to get the backlinks).

Squidoo Lens Training:  

  • 5 videos dedicated to building, ranking and profiting with Squidoo Lenses.

Ongoing training

This isn’t some set it up and leave you hanging course.  There are monthly webinars teaching new methods.  You don’t have to pay extra for this information.

What I liked best about OMG

  • The course reveals and uses live websites as examples.  It’s not theory – you see real-life money-making websites and how they’re built, ranked and earn.
  • The over-the-shoulder, step-by-step videos were excellent, especially for the local business website module.
  • There are many short videos instead of few long videos.  This way you can get to what you want to learn fast.
  • The course teaches both traditional affiliate marketing and local affiliate marketing business models (I do both, so the course was super valuable for me).

What I didn’t like

  • I’d like it if Mike Long and Greg Morrison provided an OMG Machines PDF you could download that’s a cheat sheet for building the different types of websites, including linking methods, on-site optimization and a timeline.
  • It would be great if the OMG program went into more detail with how to monetize highly ranked local business websites.

Who should try OMG Machines?

There’s a free membership with some information, which is what I recommend you start with.  If you wish to upgrade, you can easily do so from your free membership panel.

O.M.G. Machines is for you if you:

  • Want to learn Penguin-friendly SEO techniques (see disclaimer below about using SEO for your business).
  • Are interested in learning how to profit as an internet marketer by building and ranking local business websites.
  • Would like to earn revenue from affiliate microsites (i.e. learn how to build them, structure them, rank them and earn from them).
  • Build websites for local businesses and would like to earn more by providing SEO services.
  • Offer SEO services for local businesses (or any business for that matter).
  • Own a local business and would like to rank your local business website higher in the search engines (see disclaimer below about using SEO for your business).
  • Wish to learn how to build profitable Squidoo Lenses (I did not do this module so I can’t comment on how effective these strategies are).

Is this course good for people new to affiliate marketing?

Yes, newcomers to affiliate marketing can use this program.  It’s also good for veterans (such as myself).

Before spending a nickel, try the free OMG Machines membership.  The free version offers quite a bit of information and if you like the free stuff, you can decide whether upgrading is for you.

Click here to join OMG Machines for free

Please read my disclaimers:  

  1. Results using OMG Machines may vary.  While some students of the course have earned more than me, others have earned less and some have earned nothing.  You may have better or worse results than me.  My results set out above are not typical.  Neither I, nor OMG Machines do not guarantee results of any kind.  
  2. OMG Machines teaches SEO techniques.  While those techniques work now (at the time this One Man Gang Machines review was published), they may not work in the future.  Any business/revenue stream dependent on search engine traffic is vulnerable to search engine updates, modifications and algorithm changes.
  3. I did not deploy the Squidoo Lens methods.  No earnings set out above are from Squidoo Lenses.  This OMG review does not pertain to the effectiveness of the Squidoo teachings.
  4. While there is a free OMG Machines membership option, I purchased the shortcut membership.  Much of the information about this course set out above explains the paid version … not the free version.

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