How to Build a Lawyer Website with WordPress – Video Tutorial

Video Sections

Part 1:  Front End Features

Part 1 takes a look at the front end of this lawyer WordPress website profiling many design features and elements that make this site look great.  Part 1 is 14.5 minutes.

Part 2:  How to Implement the Features

Part 2 provides step-by-step tutorials on how to implement the features shown in Part 1.  Part 2 spends the bulk of the time in the back-end.

Resources Profiled in the Video Tutorial:

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 Attention Lawyers:

If you’re here, I suspect you’re looking for some guidance and first-rate tutorials on how to create a very professional and functional and highly converting law firm website with WordPress.  You are in the right place.

My video above, not to toot my own horn, in conjunction with my beginner WP video course, will get you set up in a day or two with a first-rate website.

Real Lawyer Websites do Use WordPress

I appreciate you might think that a free and DIY website solution such as WordPress isn’t for you.  I get that.  I thought that once.  In fact when I practiced law I paid for an HTML website … 2 of them.  One was horrible; one was amazing (the firm still uses one of them to this day with great success).  But, I wanted more sites (because the first successful one was so successful); however, I didn’t want to pay $10K (yes it cost $10K) for another site that really was an experiment when I started.  The experiment was to see if building additional websites, one for each practice area, was a good strategy.  I needed an inexpensive solution so I turned to WordPress.

Long story short, the WordPress websites worked incredibly well.  Those first WordPress websites of mine (and they were nothing like the real site I profile in the above video) worked like gangbusters.  I went from a general practice to a large focused practice in no time.

The above tutorial goes through some advanced tools and techniques (they really aren’t that advanced, but they are effective and aren’t covered in my free basic WP video course).  You’ll discover all kinds of tips and tools, many of which are free and if paid, don’t cost much (you’ll cover the cost of the everything and still reap in a nice profit from one new client).  I realize I’m a bit long-in-the-tooth in the video, but hang in there and watch it through because even after watching it 4 times (I like to make sure it’s good), I am confident that it shows you all the right stuff to create a stunning and effective attorney website.

Contact me if you have questions.  If you don’t like the design of the website in the video, I can easily recommend other designs that might better suit you.  I build these sites for many business clients and have tried tons of designs (themes).

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