B2Web’s WordPress Builder Theme Review with Video of the Backend

iThemes is without a doubt an innovator with WordPress theme frameworks with their Builder theme framework.

I say this because as far as I know, Builder theme is the first truly drag and drop layout customization theme to hit the market.  What I mean by this is that using the built-in drag and drop technology, you can create any layout you like.

What makes up a website layout?

A website’s layout in WordPress is made up of the following:

  • Content (i.e. Add Page and Add Post elements)
  • Widgets
  • Header
  • Navigation Menus
  • Footer

Every page/post is a combination of the above.

BUT, most themes you buy have the layout set out for you.  Unless you know PHP and can code competently, it’s not easy to change the layouts.  Moreover, even if you do change the layout, it’s not so simple or fast to create custom layouts for every page/post.

This is where Builder theme excels.

Not only can you build a custom layout easily and quickly (watch my video below to see me create a custom layout in minutes), but you can create an unlimited number of custom layouts.  You can then apply a different layout to every page/post if you wish without knowing any html, CSS or PHP.

Yes, every page and post can have a unique layout.

This is important …

Creating new widget zones with most themes is not easy.  Widget zones are so handy because you can place any type of content in them that you like.  Therefore, if you can stick a widget zone(s) wherever you want, you have full control over the layout of your website.

Watch my Builder Video Review

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My Builder Theme Criticisms

I have 2 beefs with Builder theme.

1.  You must pay for updates after 1 year.  I wish you paid once and received lifetime updates.

2.  Child theme designs aren’t the best.  iThemes’ most recent offerings are improving … but I wouldn’t buy Builder for the child theme designs.  I bought it for the powerful customization technology.

Builder FAQ and Answers

Is Builder theme mobile response?

Yes.  Builder 4.0 and above is mobile responsive.

Does Builder come with built-in SEO configuration?

No.  You can install the Builder SEO plugin; however, I much prefer one of the popular free SEO plugins such as All in One SEO.

Does Builder come with any designs?

It comes with 5 child theme designs.  You can purchase additional child themes.  iThemes adds child themes all the time.

How do I install Builder with a child theme?

It’s easy.  I show you in the video above.  Essentially, install Builder first.  Install the child theme second.  Voila … you’re done … except now you have to design your site (or customize it).

Can I use Builder for any type of website?

Yup.  In fact, there are default layouts for magazine, portfolio and other styles.  Builder is a terrific solution for all kinds of websites – business, blogs, photography, video, etc.

What kind of support is included?

You get access to the Builder theme forum as well as access to decent video tutorials.  Your forum access is for one year (which is not cool … but c’est la vie).

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