AgentPress Theme Review Provides Access to Full Video Courses on Using this Theme

If you’re interested in using WordPress for your real estate website, read this AgentPress theme carefully.

I include a ton of videos, access to demo sites I’ve created and access to 2 full video courses on using AgentPress for your real estate website, including a video course on how to create single property listing websites and my entire WordPress website dedicated for real estate websites (different websites) with AgentPress.

=> Go straight to the AgentPress theme.

Please note that I have not used every real estate theme available.  However, I’ve used AgentPress theme extensively (check out a demo site I created for testing purposes).  In fact, I’m using it for a website currently … and it’s not a real estate website.

What makes AgentPress so great for realtors and other types of websites is the multi-variate search function that actually works.  It’s also a professional-looking theme.

Don’t let my using it for a non-real estate site fool you; this theme is ideally suited for real estate sites.  I had to do some code tweaking to make it work for a website totally unrelated to real estate.  It was the multi-category and multi-variate search function I was after.

What do I mean by multi-variate search?

Check out the theme.  At the top right is a “property search” box enabling visitors to search for properties using several search criteria.

Multi-variate means that the search function will filter out return search items based on all the criteria selected.  I know this sounds simple and it’s an obvious feature for any real estate theme, but many real estate themes cannot do this.  Instead, many themes simply return search results based on one search criterion.

I’ve tested this advanced search feature extensively and have set it up for one of my websites.  It works like a charm.

NOTE:  You must install the AgentPress Listings plugin in order to create the listings search form.  The plugin is free.

The best way to illustrate how this theme works is to show you via a series of videos I made using this theme.

My AgentPress Videos

Front-end video review of the AgentPress features

>>Click here for AgentPress

2 Full AgentPress video courses:

  • Click here for my course on setting up a main real estate/realtor website with AgentPress
  • Click here for my course on creating single property websites with AgentPress (supercharge your marketing with single property websites).

Other Key AgentPress Theme Features

1.  Operates on the Genesis Framework.

Instead of repeating myself, read 2,000 plus words about Genesis and watch several videos here.

2.  Five Color Schemes

You can choose among 5 color schemes being blue, grey, green, red and tan.  With AgentPress, the different color schemes make a big difference.  The background changes as well providing a significant change in appearance.

3.  Very Awesome Home Page Loaded with Widget Zones

The home page is a series of widget zones specifically developed for real estate websites (but can be tweaked for other types of websites).  Check out the following image where I mapped out the home page widget zones:

The following are the home page features:

a.  Home Page Slide Show

I really like the home page slide show adjacent to the property search box.  It’s relatively easy to set up.

b.  Property Search Box

I’ve already addressed this.  It’s awesome and works.  It does take taxonomy planning before you develop.

c.  Featured / Call-to-Action Zone

Under the slide show is a large, full-width widget zone in which you can place anything you like (or leave it blank).  The StudioPress demo has a nice “How much is your home worth” feature.

d.  Featured Listings

The Featured Listings section pulls the most recent listings and displays them on the page.  You can choose how many featured listings you’d like to display.

e.  Communities section

Because realtors often work in adjacent communities and multiple neighborhoods, you can add a “community” or “neighborhood” section highlighting your primary locations where you provide real estate services.

f.  Blog posts

The bottom left widget zone is a great place to finish the home page with your latest blog posts.  But, because it’s a widget zone, you can place whatever you like there such as a map to your office, bio info, a video or all of the above.

4.  Integrates with IDX

If you have an IDX account, you can insert your IDX code to display MLS listings.  You’ll need to get the code from your IDX provider.  I recommend you ask them whether their service will integrate with WordPress before moving to WordPress.

IDX is NOT included with an AgentPress theme purchase.

5.  Bio Widget

Genesis and AgentPress offer an easy-to-set up bio widget so that you can place your bio image and brief snippet anywhere on the site (the sidebar is a good location).

6.  Six Page Layouts

AgentPress, fortunately, is a StudioPress theme that offers 6 page/post layout options.  You can choose different layouts for different pages and posts.

NOTE:  AgentPress Listings use custom style listing pages for the listing pages

What does this mean?  It means switching to a different theme is difficult if you create listings.  Therefore, be absolutely certain this is the theme for you.

AgentPress FAQ

Can I change the fields created for each listing?

Yes you can.  It’s done in the functions file.  In fact, you can add fields if you spend a little time figuring it out.  Watch the following video see how it’s done:


Do I have to use the listings pages?

No.  It’s optional.

Can I use AgentPress to create single property listing websites?

Yes.  In fact, I created a demo single property listing website here with AgentPress.

Do I have to buy multiple licenses to create multiple websites (i.e. single property listing websites) with AgentPress?

No.  Your initial purchase grants you a license to use AgentPress on as many websites as you like.

Do I have to use AgentPress with Genesis?

Yes.  AgentPress is a child theme that requires you install the Genesis Theme Framework first.

Can I delete listings once a property sells?

Yes, but if I were you, I’d keep them and add a big “Sold” notice on them to show you sell properties.

Do I (B2Web) recommend AgentPress for realtor websites?

Yes.  In fact, if I were a realtor, it’s the theme I would use without hesitation.

Where can I get the AgentPress theme?

>>Click here for the official AgentPress theme website

Single Property Websites using AgentPress

Here’s a really good real estate web-marketing tip.

If you list a lot of properties, you might consider creating single property listing websites for each of your listings.  This is a great way to show prospective clients in order to get their business.  Essentially you explain that in addition to your usual marketing activities, you’ll build a dedicated website for their home.

I created a demo single property website with AgentPress here to give you an idea about this technique and how to set it up.

More resources by me on using AgentPress

>>Click here for the official AgentPress theme website.

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