How I Generated 244,723 Website Visits in Less than 4 Months…

Traffic is key.  Once you have a consistent and targeted source of traffic, you have a thriving niche website.

Check out the stats:


Additional Stats:

  • Email subscribers:  13,949
  • Facebook fans:  116,000
  • Niche:  Fitness (I’m into lifting weights)

How was this achieved?

Social media … primarily from a Facebook page … and I was a greenhorn in social media when I started a short 4 months ago.

Here’s the simple traffic funnel I used:

Traffic Map


Facebook made exponential traffic growth possible with fan likes and sharing.

More to the point, consistent Facebook posts kept fans returning again and again (and bring their friends) to my site.

The above funnel is important because …

That precise traffic flow is how I monetized immediately.  Hint – getting fans to a monetized website and email sign up form was critical.  Yes, I paid for Facebook ads … but the right monetization strategy earned profits early on.

Four $64,000 questions:

  1. How do you get fans to like a page?
  2. How do you monetize the process immediately for positive ROI?
  3. How do you get fans to subscribe for your email newsletter at a high rate (this has to do with the Facebook ad to squeeze funnel).
  4. Which niches does this work with (and which ones should you avoid)?

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I also have many members on my Facebook fan page but only few of them visiting my website whenever I have new post. I got many like because of friends invite.